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SmashMetrics is a digital marketing firm helping businesses (like yours) sell more products and services online.

Our partners & employees have experience leading marketing campaigns and merchandising for companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Zappos, P&G and other Fortune 500 companies. We take proven and tested eCommerce strategies and amplify them with deeper insights from data and more disruptive technology.

Our customers benefit from our drive to:
• Create more profitable sales & revenue
• Engage in site testing for improved visitor to sale ratios
• Refine ecommerce merchandising strategies
• Construct and maintain a remarketing program to improve conversions

Optimize Your Business Now

Getting Started

Open for eCommerce Business

Getting started online with SmashMetrics is easy. Take the hassle out of looking for technology platforms, site security, ecommerce tools, marketing & optimization services, and converting visitors into sales. SmashMetrics makes getting started easy and fast.
See how we help:
  • Setup your eCommerce site
  • Design that sells!
  • eCommerce for your budget
  • Super fast website loading
  • 99.9% site up-time guarantee
  • Product Catalog setup
  • Simple shipping & fulfillment
  • Customer Service Management
  • High-grade site security
  • Google Shopping feeds & more


Boosting Sales

Increasing Sales Online

Jump-starting your eCommerce site with lots of traffic can feel really hard. Get started with us today and you will begin your most successful marketing & optimization campaigns by working smarter, saving money and making more profits!
See how we help:
  • Content Marketing (Blogs, Landing Pages, Social Media, etc.)
  • Search Strategy to drive serious traffic from Google and Bing search engines to your site
  • Paid Search management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Social Community Mangement
  • Reputation Management
  • PR & Digital Networking


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise eCommerce Technical Specs and drawings

SmashMetrics makes refining your eCommerce sales funnel a cinch. Whether you are Enterprise or Small Business clients our unique software, special skills, and enhanced technology means it’s never been easier to do onsite marketing & merchandising.
See how we help:
  • Easy Site Testing (Split, Multivariate, MAB, & more)
  • Segment any type of visitor traffic
  • Behavior modified merchandising
  • Geo-targeting site visitors
  • Echo Campaigns (High Recall)
  • Campaign Profiling (Smart Targeting by Behavior, History & Real-time action)
  • Real-time e-commerce analytics and campaign performance metrics
  • Conversion Optimization training for in-house teams
  • 12 delivery methods for onsite engagements (pop-ons, forms, toolbars, inline banners, email, recommendations, etc.)
  • Integrated Multi-channel Campaigns
  • Connect eCommerce & Microsite marketing
  • Remarketing Ads & Facebook Targeting
  • Abandoned Cart Rescue


More About Us

Welcome to Las Vegas Tech Sign
Headquartered in beautiful Las Vegas, SmashMetrics is a part of the vibrant Vegas Tech community. Partnering with local and national businesses and retailers, SmashMetrics focuses on solving big eCommerce problems.We are excited to have an active team of owners and employees who passionately cultivate new technology and ideas for eCommerce. Innovating new digital solutions, SmashMetrics solves complicated eCommerce problems through new technology or more sophisticated implementation.

Our team includes marketers, strategists, merchandisers, writers, optimizers, and developers & programmers. Our partners and employees have worked on accounts and marketing campaigns for international corporations like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Banfield, Zappos, & P&G. Team members bring experience and high performance to every project. A good example is our powerful onsite marketing software we use to provide personalized websites that interact individually with every visitor.

Our approach is to take on innovative projects and create innovative results. We believe in using strategy to help us iterate and launch projects quickly and then to continue to build on the foundations we set. We believe that in continual process of learning, because there’s always someone doing things different. SmashMetrics does eCommerce refreshingly different.

Get started with SmashMetrics Digital Agency today by calling or texting us at (702) 551-9183 or emailing us at Feel free to use our easy contact form available on our contact page.

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